Mr. Thaumaturge

(a performer of miracles or magic)

He lost his job three years ago,

not the kind where you get unemployment,

it wasn’t that kind of white collar

or blue collar job. Something less

than all that. But he made it work.

Too young for social security,

and medicare, too old to start again.

He’s got some food in the cupboard.

At least he paid off his house

when times were rolling

instead of caving in.

Every day he hugs his wife,

throws the ball for Benji

and watches the trees

to see what they’ll do.

© Julie Eger 2-23-12


Another Chance


winter wind

snow drifts

clean slate


© Julie Eger 2-20-12

Shine a Light Into the Night






The principal (spelled with pal because he’s your pal)

paces back and forth in front of his desk thrusting

his admonishments at you. “You must have math

in your life to pierce the darkness of the unknown

that lies ahead of you. Math will keep you from

becoming a common prostitute. Math is the one thing

that will shine a beacon of light upon your dismal future.”

To his dismay, I choose words instead –

to shine a beacon of light upon my dismal future.

Julie Eger © 2-17-2012

I’m all in one place now!

I had been using Blogger to satisfy my need to blog, and was busy creating all kinds of crazy stuff as I practiced what this blogging stuff was all about. I’m not even sure anymore how many blogs I may have created because I can’t sign in because I didn’t accept Blog Spot’s new policies so I have moved, and I might add happily moved, to Word Press. I hope you find some good stuff here by clicking on the tabs above the header picture. I have poetry, The Original Voice and my work page here now. Feel free to browse and also join in following any new posts by adding your email as a subscription to this page. It’s over there, in the column to your left. 🙂 I’ll see ‘ya around!