OSI Prompt #100 – Sunny Day

Morning Menu

one black and orange

butterfly on rye

blowing in the wind

peppered with sunshine



Julie Eger


another poem by Ken Tennessen

last poem

ashes scattered

in northern hardwoods –

if you hike there,

take pause, search

for my last poem

on the paper birch

— Ken Tennessen

OSI prompt #99: Chaos

Say It Isn’t So

Vehicles crashed

and worlds turned upside down –

took pictures of the truck

but not the man.

How is it possible to forget

something like that?

Who died?

We don’t know him.

Do we need a lawyer?

Why did the insurance agent

touch me like that?

Do we report this, that?

Who really wants to help

because they care?

Or is it just about money?

Who can we talk to…

this town is so small

there is nowhere to turn

that feels safe,

especially that intersection.

They have tallied everyone’s pain.

They say it is worth this much.

Julie Eger

Working for free? In the writing world…

OSI prompt #98 – Indurated


four fingers of whiskey

over ice – the chill

I turn away from him,


Julie Eger

A video about me?