In Charge of the Money

Isn’t it ironic. My tax dollars are responsible for going toward paying the wages of people who work at my county courthouse, and when I went in to pay my taxes, there were three women there sitting at their desks. Two looked up. The other never made eye contact. The two looked at each other, and it was as if a silent language passed between them. “Are you going to wait on her or am I going to have to do it?” I stood watching them, waiting, and if I would have had the authority I would have gone behind the counter, pulled my file, counted out my money, put the file away, and then left, all in the space of a minute. But five minutes later, I was still waiting and I thought to myself, “I’m paying myself to stand here and wait.” I left that day, not at all impressed with the way the county was spending my money.

Excerpt from July 12, 2010


Poetry Photo Prompt

Altered photo by Ken Tennessen

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