Look what I found in Waushara County!

Written and photographed by local author Ken Tennessen

When you are out and about in Waushara County this pocket-size book is a must have.

It will help you identify the dragonflies and damselflies that cross your path as you explore Waushara County’s beautiful landscapes, streams, rivers and lakes. This book is just the right size for geo-cachers, fishermen, and hikers to take along with them as it fits right in your pocket.

Leave a request in the comment section of this page and I’ll make sure to relay the message to Ken.

Books are $5.00 plus shipping and handling.


Ahh, and how things do change.

I haven’t visited my own blog in ages, which to me is distressing. I am writing for pay for an online company, and it grieves my heart that I am not able to write just for fun the way I did before. It’s those bills, and all those companies who want money from me… it’s them who have changed my life so, not that I had anything to do with it, but it is the only excuse I can conjure up at the moment. I miss you all. I miss my blog!