OSI Prompt #96: Wanderlust

Wanderlust in the Heartland


He called them indiscretions.

I called them affairs.

Julie Eger


Amazing Sand Drawing

OSI Prompt: 95 Junction

OSI Prompt #95: Junction

4. a place or point where two or more things meet or converge.

Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009.

Coming Across Forty

My mother embroidered pictures.

Grandma counted cross stitch.

My father; piled junk in the backyard.

Grandpa planted too many potatoes.

Dawn and Gena; elaborate flower gardens.

My brother found religion.

My sister; a good husband.

I started to make birdhouses.

Julie Eger 2009

Here’s a special haiku written by poet Ken Tennessen…

clear night sky

summer-soft whispers

honey moon

I was just wondering…

A little bit of old, a little bit of new...

… what IS she thinking?

New Class Schedule

Power Frying - Advanced II

Procrastination Class 101 will be followed by How To Power Fry Eggs II, but don’t be surprised if the Professor is late.