Author of the year nominee makes chicken soup on a cold day…

Surprise! You take a break and go make some chicken soup because it’s 25 degrees below zero outside and when you come back to your computer there’s a post on your page that says you’ve been nominated for author of the year. Thanks Mark! (who has also been nominated in the same category!) Maybe you’d like to take a minute, look over the site, and vote for your favorite in each of the four categories at Spillwords. Voting ends January 30, 2019. 🥣🥣🥣 Good luck to all! And thank you!  Go to this link to vote. Spillwords voting. 

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Changes Riding in on the Wind

I think this is a dream and I should wake up at any moment.

Somehow I managed to get voted as author of the month at Spillwords.  Click the link to view the interview.

Rekindling the Fire

20170428_115000When the idea of EENY MEENY CRIMINY CROW first appeared on my horizon, nothing could keep me from writing the story. A passion had entered my life unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The story was in me, oozing its way out at every chance–while driving, vacuuming, washing dishes, fixing supper, working with clients, walking down the road, falling asleep. Relentless insights would wake me in the night. The story was everywhere. I was possessed.

Then one person made a comment: You really think you’re a writer?

And just like that, the balloon popped. The boat sank. The plane crashed. The dream died.

It turned out that passion was a fickle thing.

Now. These days I write. Every day. But since that comment nearly ten years ago, from a person I thought I respected, that passion has never returned. One mentor passed away. Then another. I felt rudderless. I couldn’t make up my mind, do I write long (novels)? Do I write short (poems, short stories)? Drowning in a sea of ideas that wanted release but I couldn’t find the switch, even though I kept writing, hoping something good would show up on the page.

Today I read a post written by Grant Hudson that sparked that old ember that lit up my writing life when EENY opened up my writing world. You can view the post here.

I wrote EENY in increments of stolen time. A minute here. Ten minutes there. On pieces of torn paper. Outside the lined boundaries on legal pads. Envelopes. Receipts. Once even on the sole of my shoe!

What I learned from Grant’s post was: If the story is right for the author it will come out, no matter what anyone else says! So, here’s hoping!

Another story in another collection…

28870292_403279756780898_2054513694830615025_n[1]My short story “Buried in a Book” written under the name Copper Rose was picked up by Clarendon House Publishing and included in FlashPoint: The Inner Circle Writer’s Group Flash Fiction Anthology 2018. The anthology immediately went to No. 1 in France. My grandfather was French…


A best selling collection…

Bigbc536d7b-18c5-4b84-b204-9f0f442201d4[1] Grin! Received word yesterday that Flash Fiction for Flash Memories is a best seller! This collection includes my short story “Reining in the Storm.” foto

A Great Big Thank You!


New eBooks ready to roll! Hot off the press!



If you are looking for something quick and fun to read, I have two new books of short stories that came out on Kindle today for just .99 cents! (If all goes well, the print copies should be ready for release just before Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you!)

Reading these short stories is like riding a lightning bolt. Over before you know it, but seared into your memory forever. Flash sequels and the cast of EENY MEENY CRIMINY CROW. I introduce you to the moments when their lives flash before their eyes.This is what one reader had to say about The Criss Cross County Sequels: Shoot, lady. I read something like this, and it makes me want to be a much better writer than I am. Once I got into it, it was frickin’ brilliant.

The Criss Cross County Sequels


Love and sadness, and magic and madness make up this collection of ten minute stories. Meet the folks of Tinta Town. See what they feel. Learn what they think. Peek into their lives. Who knows? Maybe one of them is like your neighbor down the road…or maybe they’re more like you?
Let’s just say there’s something for everyone in this eclectic collection of short stories that takes place in a magical little spot called Tinta Town.
Tinta Town Tales – Fiction – Book 1

Things I Never Told Anyone

Check them out today. And don’t forget to click ‘Buy now.’

You can find other books I’ve written at this link: 

And my mom’s book about how she dealt with cancer (.99 cents)

 Thanks in advance,

Julie C. Eger



My Mom Launches Her Book!

My mom asked me if we could ‘launch her book’ like a rocket. I wondered, “Where in the world did she hear something like that?” But I thought it was worth a try, so here it is, with links and everything!front-cover-only



Today is the launch date of my facebook page.

I was working on a video clip to post on the page. I was being very hesitant to ‘launch’ my page due to underlying fears of rejection. My friend and proof-reader extraordinaire, Trudi, stopped to visit. I realized there was another Julie Eger out there in the world and decided to individualize my name by using all lower case letters and include my middle initial in order to differentiate myself from the ‘other Julie.’ In doing so, I somehow ‘launched’ my page. And just like that, it was done. Here is the link to that page.

Once Upon a Blank Page