Another Jenny Lane Poem…


You’ve Got to Watch What You Buy

Down at the Old Country Store

Most items have expired,

you’ve got to check the dates

on the cans of vegetables

and the meat, especially the meat,

or anything else you might sink your teeth into.

Like what Arbutus said about Emil Pederson

running off with that girl from the power company,

Andy Evers, he bought that.

And Junie Jaskelienen, she bought what

Harvey Laanka said about me and Dingo.

He thought Dingo was my boyfriend

but Dingo is a dog.

You’ve got to watch what you buy

down at the old country store.

Jenny Lane 2011


Poem out of nowhere…

Life’s a Peach

If I had the chance

to come back from the dead

I would come back

for a Colorado peach –

for the first bite

with juice running down my wrists

biting until it’s gone – and then

I would take a hammer,

break open the pit

and plant the seed.

J. Eger March 2011