Finally, a new poem…

Yesterday’s Doughnuts

Inside Nappy’s Hometown Grocery

she stands with a frail hand

holding the package close to her face

to make out the words Bear Claw,

while her other hand grips

the cart filled with expired items

the lazy bag boy pushed

near to the door just this morning.

Out in the parking lot

Old Jim circles in his blue black Dodge,

tailgate gone, fan belt squealing,

exhaust pipe dragging,

sometimes it makes sparks.

Julie Eger 2010


2 Responses

  1. There’s something special in this poem because
    it creates a mood, an emotion. A disturbing emotion of somehow wanting to reach out and “save” these people…and yet, they don’t need saving anymore than I do, and maybe that’s the message. This poet never
    “goes too far”, she never slams a message down on your head. Her poems say, “Notice. See. Feel.”

    • OMG! Barbara! Thank you! That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my work! I’m so glad you checked in, and hopefully some more poems will come so I can post them here. Most poems seem to be a little skittish lately, hesitant to reveal themselves!

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